hier gaat het over!


Here we have an octopus sleeping and, biologists believe, dreaming. We normally understand that octopuses use their ability to change appearance for camouflage, but it actually goes much further. These octopods communicate through these changes in texture, color, opacity and reflectivity. They are creatures that take their communication to the realm of frequency representation, transmitting vibration instead of our symbolic language. A super interesting communicative mode, as it endows these cephalopods with a very high expressive capacity. So we could say that octopuses carry their mind on their surface, their thoughts are vibrations through their geometry and, thus, they are creatures unable to hide their emotions… unless they correct their grimace by extruding their ink jets, thus creating a kind of private dimension in which to hide their expressive moment. It would be amazing if we could apprehend our mental universes in this way and perhaps if at some point in our evolution we reconnect with our genetics, which would be logical, we can add this gifted expressiveness to our communicative ability.

Nassim Hamarein




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