en hoppa het antwoord =

The creative matrix is a terrifying abyss because it contains both demons and angels. Some people are overwhelmed by the demons of the past; I guess we all are at some point.

But that matrix is where the new seeds are.

When life becomes boring and your job is no longer exciting or your marriage is no longer satisfactory, you have to find new life, and that means dropping into that matrix. It often looks like depression.

It’s black at first because you are in a psychic womb.

It’s terrifying. Some people can’t take it. But every artist knows that’s where you’ve got to go if you’re going to find the new light.

~ Marion Woodman, Conscious Femininity: Interviews with Marion Woodman, p.138 (Inner City Books, 1993)

de antwoorden en oplossingen vallen dezer dagen gewoon uit de ‘hemel’ hoe schoon kan het zijn – yes yes yes! –

en nu tot morgen ofzo…


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