en toen kwam deze tekst…

” When the ego comes to consciousness and the individual becomes aware of himself as I, the reaction to difficulties or obstructions will no longer appear in physical form as symptoms but will be recognized in consciousness as emotions. That is to say, the reaction will be a psychological one. . . . The emergence of the ego from the unconscious brings with it a new problem, the problem of the will to power……

Reclaiming the Body :

Months may pass in the analytic process before the conflict appears in dreams. Body work, which must be handled with considerable patience and love, reaches out to that lost infant whose little body—strong, tender, sure—was never allowed to develop. The body is suspicious and terrified, and only gradually can it learn to trust its own instincts and discipline them into a firm steady base for the maturing psyche. Unless the body knows it is loved, that its responses are acceptable, the psyche does not have the ground of certainty in the instincts that it requires sooner or later in the analysis the person will become stuck because the ego is afraid to trust at the point of surrender the ego becomes paralyzed. Unless the body knows that there are inner loving arms strong enough to contain it, however fierce or broken it may be, it will hang onto its own rigidity in an effort to survive. That rigidity is echoed in the rigidity of the persona and the ego.

A woman whose mother did not love her own femininity, and who therefore rejected the female body of her daughter, almost inevitably goes through a period of lesbian dreams or lesbian acting out because her body requires the acceptance of a woman. Usually this is only temporary and the woman’s energy gradually turns toward men. If the lesbian phase has been carefully integrated, insuring that the feminine ego is firmly located in the female body, then the woman who has never been able to surrender to orgasm experiences a new world of sexuality. Energy blocks that were knotted into her pelvis and thighs from early childhood and puberty are released and energy flows naturally into ecstasy. Once that release is achieved, a woman who formerly looked for cuddling and holding in a man’s embrace no longer attempts to turn her lover into a mother. Her man is free to experience his own masculinity in the giving and receiving of the sexual relationship.”

uit – The Pregnant Virgin by Marion Woodman. –

Tekstbron – Marion Woodman – FB pagina

voor mij is deze vandaag een grote binnenkomer – al wist ik er al wel wat van –



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